Sébastien MétoyerRenowned
 master chocolatier

Sébastien Métoyer, a passionate Master Chocolatier, has his unique way of juggling with various textures, his organic chocolate, unprecedented combinations, flavors, and shapes, to create magical creations using unusual fruits, flowers, plants, spirits, spices, or even mushrooms... His art reveals a man who is undoubtedly in love with his craft, but above all, a true chocolatier in the broadest sense of the word.

Sébastien Métoyer is a tireless and passionate researcher, a taste alchemist who constantly pushes his own boundaries to expand the range of his flavors, discovering unique combinations with unusual tastes. A Master Chocolatier at heart, he enjoys sharing a unique experience with all organic chocolate enthusiasts.

Sébastien Métoyer, Recognized expertise 

2008.  1st Prize for Taste, National Culinary Academye.

2017.  Grand Ambassador by the Order of Master Jam Makers of France.

2017.  2nd Place in the Grand Innovation Prize 

2018.  1st Prize of Excellence in the Chocolatier Category 

2019.  1st Place in the Grand Innovation Prize, Chocolatier Category.

2020.  Artisan Quality Producer Recognized by the Culinary College of France.

2021.  Member of the International Culinary Order

Domaine du Moulin rouge Sébastien Métoyer Chocolats Gîtes Yonne

Find us at the "Domaine du Moulin Rouge"

In a preserved, wild yet well-maintained natural setting, nature and water enthusiasts will delight in two ponds, meadows, woodlands, a canal running through the property, and a river bordering it. Two independent cottages, available for seasonal rental together or separately, are available year-round. At Domaine du Moulin Rouge, you will also find the chocolate factory and the gourmet shop where you can take part in tasting workshops and be enchanted by the magic of the place.

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